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Athenaeum Club House The Kansas City Athenaeum, 900 East Linwood Boulevard, is located in Kansas City’s Westport District. The three-story rectangular building sits on a corner lot, with its main façade facing south. The building has a frontage of approximately eighty-one feet on East Linwood Boulevard and eighty-nine feet on Campbell Street.

Cut limestone is employed as a foundation for the structure and forms the raised ground story. Buff colored brick, laid in common bond, its utilized for the first and second floors. Cast concrete and stone is used for decorative trim. Below the parapet is a galvanized steel cornice. Wood, painted beige, is used for doors and window elements.

The façade is symmetrically arranged into seven bays and is highlighted by a four columned pedimented portico. The portico is of the roman Doric order and features smooth column shafts resting on brick and stone plinths. The frieze of the entablature consists of triglyphs and metopes. Guttae are noted under each triglyph. Extending on each side of the portico is a denticulated cornice. Above this is a parapet wall with stone coping. A stringcourse is located between the upper windows and the cornice. Te portico is approached by a wide flight of stone steps. The steps are framed on the east and west by a rusticated stone stair wall, a continuation of the foundation in design and material. Three centrally placed entrance doors are located within the portico, framed between two pilasters. All three doors feature decorative transoms. The center door is topped by a segmental pediment while the flanking doors feature cornice door heads. Cornice window heads are used on the paired first floor windows on each side of the portico. Articulating the second floor are seven symmetrically placed square windows with crosset ancon framing.

The southern two bays of the west façade continue the treatment of the main façade. A canopied double, wood entrance door is located at the basement level, near the southwest corner of the building. The northern portion of the west façade, four bays in width, feature a continuation of the stringcourse, window treatment, and denticulated cornice of the south façade. A stringcourse runs beneath the second floor windows. The northern portion of this façade features three tall rectangular double hung sash windows, with arched transoms, set within brick vouissoirs. The brick arches are broken at the top by stone keystones. Colored art glass is used in these windows. Three rectangular windows are located below these windows on the raised ground story. A second wood entrance door is located at the north end of this façade.

The east face is similar to the west façade. However, this façade contains no entrance doors; the cornice and stringcourse do not extend beyond the first tow bays of this façade and a projecting brick chimneystack is located at the northern portion of the façade.

The north façade features a row of rectangular windows on each floor level. The second and third floor windows feature stone sills. Centrally placed, are paired projecting chimneystacks. Tile coping is using along the low gable roof line. A basement entrance door is located on this façade, down a flight of concrete steps.