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Swinney, Edward F., 3334 Harrisson Street

3334 Harrison Street 3334 Harrison St.

Edward F. Swinney

Edward F. Swinney, a national figure in the financial world, had been president of the American Bankers' Association and then president of the First National Bank of Kansas City. Edward was born in Marysville, Campbell County, Virginia, on August 1, 1857. After completing the common school course he entered Blackburg Military Academy at Blackburg, Virginia.

After leaving the academy in 1875, Mr. Swinney decided to seek opportunity in the West. In February, 1876, he arrived in Fayette, Missouri, and went to work delivering groceries. His salary was $20.00 a month. In August, 1878, notwithstanding the fact that he had been given a raise in salary of $5.00 a month, Mr. Swinney decided that he wanted to learn the banking business and accepted a place in the Fayette Bank, where he remained until September, 1882.

A change to Rich Hill, Missouri, brought him a promotion, and later when Fayette capital opened a bank in Colorado City, Texas, Mr. Swinney was made cashier. He remained there until 1887, when he came to Kansas City as a cashier at First National. After serving in that capacity for thirteen years he was elected president of the institution, which was one of the strongest in the United States.

At one time Mr. Swinney was a director of the Chicago & Alton Railroad, of the Fidelity Trust Company, and of the Missouri Savings Bank. For 30 years he served as treasurer of the school board.

Mr. Swinney´s reputation as a conservative financier was national and in 1905 he was made president of the American Bankers´ Association.

In 1890 when Swinney was in his early thirties, he built 3334 Harrison Street. He and his wife, Ida Lee, lived here for about 23 years before moving to 4343 Oak. When the Harrison house was built, it was outside the city limits of both Kansas City and Westport.