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Hayes, John, police chief, 3521 Harrison Boulevard

John Hayes John Hayes was born July 4, 1855, at Rockford, Illinois, of Irish parentage. He removed to Kansas City in 1872, and in 1880 was appointed a patrolman on the police force of Kansas City. In 1889 he was made a detective of meritorious service, and in April, 1897, after eight years of brilliant service, was promoted to the post of chief of detectives. In October, 1897, he was appointed acting chief of police, and in May, 1898, he was appointed chief of police.

As patrolman, detective, chief of detectives, and chief of police, Mr. Hayes made a splendid record, for ability, honest, courage, and fidelity to duty. He is a broad–minded man, with a great fund of strong common sense, just the kind of man who is always needed but so seldom found at the head of the police department of a great city.

In times of public excitement his judgment and firmness have repeatedly prevented bloodshed, while in dealing with law-breakers he is prompt and uncompromising. His management of the crowds, and his control of the criminal classes, during the Democratic National Convention in 1900 excited the unbounded admiration of visitors from all parts of the United States.

Mr. Hayes built 3521 Harrison Boulevard in 1908 and moved into it with his wife and son. By this time he had retired from the police department and he had a detective agency with his son downtown. They only lived two years in the house.

As We See’ Em John Hayes

From As We See’ Em;
A Volume of Cartoons and Caricatures
of Kansas Cityans
, ca. 1908.