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Hyde Park South by Address

Published under the Asupices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas

617 E. 40th Street
GILMORE, Walter A., vice president Interstate Casket Company

801 E. 40th Street
GALBRAITH, Harvey C., lawyer. Born Vinton County, Ohio, 1884.
Married Honora Elizabeth Coughlin in 1919. Honora born Leavenworth, 1890. Children: Margaret born 1920, John born 1921. Republican. Attorney for Jackson County S & L. Association. Admitted to Missouri bar, 1909. Private tank corps World War. Member American Legion. Kansas City Bar Association. Knife & Fork Club. P. T. A. Office: 202 Ridge Arcade Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

801 E. 41st Street
BYRNES, James, sales representative. Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1884.
Married Nellie May Muenzenmayer in 1903. Nellie born Kansas City, Kansas, in 1884. Child: Carl Joseph born 1906. With Kansas City Clay Company Elect, Lines 1902-17; now with Kansas City Mantel Company. On admission card to first O. T. C., Ft. Riley, Kansas; head of 342nd. F. A. Band which raised money and enlistments for a fund for athletics. Captain 342nd F. A., 89th Division, World War. Commander temporary Schroeder-Cook Post of American Legion at N. K. C. 1923. Office: 1008 Oak Street.

4033 Kenwood Avenue
MEYER, Everett R., lawyer. Born Dalton, Missouri, 1898.
Republican. Autonomy for Legal Aid Bur. Board of Public Welfare, 1924-6; representative to Missouri State Legislature, 1928, from 10th District. Kansas City resident 7 years. Admitted to the bar Kansas City, 1922. Member Linwood Boulevard M. E. Church. I. Co. O. T. S. Camp Grant, Illinois. Kansas City and Missouri State Bar Associations. Office: 601 Scarritt Building.

4101 Kenwood Avenue
OSBORN, Frank Wesley, executive, realtor.
Frank Wesley Osborn Born Quincy, Illinois, 1867.
Married Jennie Bethany Hull Quincy, 1888. Jennie born Quincy, 1868. Children: Neva born 1895, died 1895, Arthur Sprague born 1900. Republican. Nominated by Progressive party for presiding judge of Jackson County, 1914. Kansas City resident 19 years. President Quincy Coal Company, 19 years; Quincy Chamber of Commerce; directory First National Bank of Quincy; partner Lemley & Osborn, real estate loans, Kansas City; secretary-treasurer Commonwealth Loan Company; also active in Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. activities. Member Trinity M. E. Church (official board). Helping Hand Institute (board of trustees). Bethany Methodist Hospital (board of trustees). Kansas City Real Estate Board. Mason. National Union. Board of directors Y M. C. A., Kansas City; former assistant phys. dir. Quincy. Member Century Road Club, Chicago. Won a number of bicycle races and received gold medal in hill climbing contest in state meeting of L. A. W. at Quincy. Clubs: Southridge Country, Automobile. Office: 625 Gloyd Building.

4141 Kenwood Avenue
DE HAVEN, John W., vice president Kansas City Public Service Company.

4227 Kenwood Avenue
WOLFSON, Walter Scott, insurance agent. Born Quincy, Illinois, 1871. Married Annie Lowrie, Ft. Worth, Texas, 1888. Annie born Tarrant County, Texas, 1874. Children: R. Harold born 1894, died 1914, Marion Estelle born 1898, Neta Ailene born 1902. Jew. Member U. C. T. Office 643 Board of Trade Building.

3918 Holmes Street
VINES, John F., clergyman. Born near Jonesboro, Tennessee, 1873.
Married Mabel V. Laurence, 1902. Ordained 1899. Pastor Calvary Baptist Church.

4012 Holmes Street
CLARK, Alfred Houghton, artist (painter of portraits and murals).
Alfred Houghton Clark Born Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1868.
Married Mary Marchant Pierce. Mary born Marblehead, Massachusetts, died Lancaster, Massachusetts. Married Mary Pierce Geist of Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany Children: Alfred Geist born 1910, Carl Arthur born 1911, Mary Alice born 1912. Republican. Precinct captain New York, Seth Low´s 2nd candidacy for mayor. Studio 5 years, New York City. Author Composition in Photography; The Theory of Contract (articles). Director School Kansas City Art Association; School of Drawing and Painting, Kansas State University; director of art school and supervisor of drawing St. Joseph, Missouri School of Art; instructor in drawing and lecturer on art history St. Mary´s College, St. Mary´s Kansas; now teacher of drawing Country Day School. Kansas City Christian. Member City Club. P. T. A. Hobby: reading. Studio: 249 Werby Building, Kansas City, Missouri.<

4215 Holmes Street
BYRNE, Joseph Patrick, executive. Born Kansas City, Kansas, 1887.
Married Mayme Florence Knight. Mayme born Weatherford, Texas, in 1894, died Dallas, Texas, 1924. Child: Mary Frances born 1916. Married Louise Frances Murdella Tucker in 1924. Child: Dorothy May born 1925. Democrat. Bookkeeper, cashier and creditman Sherwin Williams Company, Kansas City, Dallas and San Antonio; manager credits and accounts 1909-, southwest district. Active in loan drives, World War. Member St. James R. C. Church, Association of Credit Men (director 1929). K. of C. (chancellor, 1929; past grand knight, Dallas, 1923). Hobbies: golf, bowling. Office: 1400 St. Louis Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

4225 Holmes Street
FRANK, Benjamin H., president B. H. Frank Investment Company.

4114 Charlotte Street
REMINGTON, Eric Douglass MacWilliam, architect. Born Belton, Missouri, 1893.
Educated Washington University; University of Illinois; Atelier Lalous, Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris. Episcopalian. Club: Kansas City Beagle. Office: 212 Balcony Building.

4223 Charlotte Street
TANDY, Clay Ellis, engineer.
Clay Ellis Tandy Born Morganfield, Kentucky, 1900.
Married Polly Agnes Powell, Morganfield, 1925. Polly born Sebree, 1899. Child: Jack Powell born 1928. Democrat. Kansas City resident 5 years. With B & W. Boiler Company, 1923-14; lubricating engineer department for Standard Oil Company, 1924-. Methodist. Member Engineers Club. N. A. P. E. Hobbies: game restoration and hunting. Club: University of Michigan (K. C.). Office 5301 E. 9th Street.

4224 Charlotte Street
PETERS, Fletcher, B., lawyer.
Fletcher Peters Born Memphis, Missouri, 1868.
Married Helen Elizabeth McElrath, 1904. Helen born Carrolton, Kentucky, 1874. Helen was a Latin teacher and pianist. Children: Helen Kathryn born 1906, Virginia McElrath born 1915. Admitted to the bar at Newton, Kansas, 1894. Member State Bar Association. Republican. Entered drug business 1911, retired 1924. Presbyterian.

3908 Campbell Street
POTTER, William Irl, lawyer. Born Weston, Missouri, 1888.
Married Florence L. Mitchell 1927. Florence born Monett, Missouri. Republican. Army service, World War. Methodist. Member Kansas City Bar Association. Sport: fishing. Office: 1107 Federal Reserve Bank Building.

4048 Campbell Street
ULRICH, Arlon K., accountant. Born Lawrence, Kansas, 1898. Republican. Member Business Men´s Bible Class. Ivanhoe Temple. Moved to Shawnee Oklahoma, 1899; to Kansas City, 1922. Office: 415 Ridge Building.

4315 Campbell Street
COLEMAN, Harvey Kay, clergyman, educator, lawyer. Born Kemptville, Ont., Can., 1854.
Married Ella Louise Stevenson in 1883. Ella born Port Hope, Can., 1856. Children: Harvey Richard Kingsley died in infancy, Frances Alice died in infancy, Arthur St. Alban, killed in World War. Independent. Clergyman 34 years; lawyer with Fed. license; now retired clergyman (Epis.); last pastorate St. Johns Epis., Church Kansas City. Ordained Davenport, Iowa, 1895.

4342 Campbell Street
STRETTON, Richard F., Salvation Army officer. Born Tralle, Ireland, 1883.
Married Mabel Bennett, San Francisco, 1907. Mabel born Monticello, Indiana, 1889. Children: George Richard born 1908, William Herbert born 1912. Independent. Division commander for all Salvation Army operations in west. Missouri and Kansas. Protestant. Member Chamber of Commerce. Club: Kansas City. Office: 1319-13 Broadway.

3909 Harrison Street
KEYES, John William, priest.
John William Keyes Born Gladstone, Missouri, 1876.
Independent. Has been pastor of St. James Church for 23 years; founder of the present building worth $350,000. Ordained at St. Louis, 1900. Lecturer, World War. Member Red Cross. Hobby: welfare work. Club: Kansas City.

3936 Harrison
KEPHART Cyrus Jeffries, bishop. Born Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, 1852.
Married Sallie S. Perry, 1873. Bishop U. B. Church, 1913; now emeritus.

4004 Harrison Street
MURRAY, Kyle, teacher and clergyman
Kyle Murray Born Virginia, 1879.
Married Minnie Elizabeth Halbert, Lawrence, 1902. Minnie born Elk County, Kansas, 1874. Children: Charles Edward born 1903, Eugene Kyle born 1907, Margaret born 1912, Robert and Robey born 1914, Harold born 1905. After some years in business and as postmaster and teacher he yielded to the call of the ministry and has served his calling with undoubted success, having held only 5 pastorates in 22 years. The first was at Leavenworth in a little mission, which was closed at the end of two years. The next was at Richland, Kansas, where he ministered to 3 churches, one of which he was the founder. His next pastorate was at McCracken, where he was successful in building a beautiful brown brick church. He was them called to the First United Brethren Church at Wichita. From Wichita he was transferred to Kansas City, to the First United Brethren Church. He is a member of the comm. on Evangelism of the Council of Churches. Member State Board of Christian Education of Missouri, representing his denomination. He has a splendid library and is a diligent student of the Bible. Office: 40th and Harrison Street.

4030 Harrison Street
EDWARDS, Thomas H., lawyer. Member firm Edwards, Kramer & Edwards.

4217 Harrison Street
GUMBINER, Alton, lawyer. Born Leavenworth, Kansas, 1889.
Winner of American Law Book Company prize, University of Kansas as highest honor student, 1917. Married Marion Sheffrey 1919. Marion born Wichita, Kansas. Child: Alton, Jr. born 1923. Independent Democrat. Author of Copping the Grapes (prize winning cl. play University of Kansas, 1916); Law of Confidential Communications as Applied to Mercantile Agencies (read before Kansas State Bar Association, 1917). With father in merc. business until 1912; association New, Miller, Camack Winger, 1917; member firm 1925; now member law firm Winger, Reeder, Barker, Gumbiner & Hazard. Admitted to the bar Kansas, 1917; Missouri, 1918; United States Supreme Court, 1925. Captain Q. M. C., World War. Active in loan drives. Member B´nai Jehudah. Kansas City Bar Association. Clubs: Oakwood Country, Knife and Fork. Office: 1200 Gloyd Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

4230 Harrison
ARTHUR, Henry, lawyer. Office: 209 Scarritt Building.

4241 Harrison Street
CROSBY, Jessie Mary, music teacher. Born Kansas City, Missouri, in 1901.
Educated Kansas City public schools; Central Female College. Member Missouri State Fed. Music Clubs. Established Crosby Private School 1916, where music is a fundamental part of the child´s education.

4300 Harrison Street
LEE, Fred M., treasurer John Taylor Dry Goods Company.

4300 Harrison Street
LEE, Frederick Lyman, lumberman. Born Kansas City, 1881. Member Linwood Christian Churc. Gov. board B. S. A.; president Kansas City Council 1925. Office: 2425 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

4407 Harrison Street
WARREN, Frank George, lawyer.
Frank George Warren Born Lawrence, Kansas, 1888.
Studied in London. Republican. Kansas City resident 40 years. Practiced in law since 1912. Member firm of Stacy, Porter & Warren 1912; 1914-17 legal department Kansas City Railways Company; May 1917 to July 1919 in Army; Sept. 1919 to July 1924 with McGilvray & Warren; July 1924 to Oct. 1925, McIlrath & Warren. Admitted to practice Kansas City, Missouri, 1912. Entered 1st O. T. Camp, Ft. Riley, 1917; 2nd lieutenant infantry 1919; intelligence officer 815th Pioneer Infantry landed in France, 1918; reached Claremont in Argonne Armistice Day. Member American Legion. Christian. Club: Athletic. Office: 408 Mutual Building.

4509 Gillham Road
SHEPARD, F. T., executive.
Secretary Kryder Shepard Brokerage Company. Conn. food admins. at Washington, World War. Office: 1225 Union Avenue.

4517 Gillham Road
HANDS, William Oscar, civil engineer. Born Fayett, Pennsylvania, 1870.
Married Bertha F. Mills 1895. Bertha born Pittsfield, Illinois, 1872. Children: Arthur D. born 1896, Raymond C. born 1896, Floris M. born 1897, Glen E. born 1909. Independent Republican. Election judge. Owner Hands Surveying Company. Military man, World War. Member Central Church of Latter Day Saints. Engineers Clubs. American Society of Civil Engineers. Grad. Red Cross Society. B. S. A. (scoutmaster 1910-). Kansas City Builders Association. Better Business Bur. Citizens League. Pub. Service Institute. Office: 4517 Harrison Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

4535 Gillham Road
STIVERS, Volney Cabot, dentist.
Volney Cabot Stivers Born Bridgeport, Illinois, 1898.
Democrat. Football coach Sullivan, Indiana, 1920-11; Portsmouth, Ohio, 1921-12; in dental practice 1927-. Admitted to practice Kansas City 1927. Color Sgt. World War. Active in loan drives. Christian. Member Kansas City, Missouri State and American Dental Associations. Office: 12th Street & Prospect Avenue.

4024 Troost Avenue
GESTRING, Hugh Arthur, physician and surgeon.
Hugh Arthur Gestring Born Atwood, Kansas, 1890.
Married Elizabeth C. Toland 1926. Elizabeth born Chicago. Democrat. Kansas City resident 10 years. Author of Primary Carcinoma of the Liver (K. C. St. Journal 1920). Intern St. Lukes Hospital 1920; St. Margarets Hospital 1921-12; p.g. Chicago Lying-In Hospital, 1922-13; physician and surgeon 1923-. Surgeon to St. Joseph Hospital, Trinity Lutheran Hospital, and Swope Settlement Clinic. Admitted to practice Kansas City 1921. Member Medical O. R. C. Christian. Member Jackson County, Missouri State Medical Associations. Office: 303 Wirthman Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

4316 Troost Avenue
SHEEHAN, John J., funeral director. Born Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1867.
Married Kate Gaffey, Tampico, Illinois. Kate born Sterling, Illinois. Child: Le Roy E.

4538 Troost Avenue
Handy-Baker Motors, Inc. President Jeff W. Handy.