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Published under the Asupices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas

416 E. 36th Street
FIELD, R. Harrison, lawyer. Born Kansas City, Missouri, 1889.

416 E. 36th Street
Married Madeline Barse Haff in 1921. Madeline born 1895. Daughter of Delbert J. and Grace Barse Haff. Children: Delbert born 1922, Phyllis born 1924. Democrat. Trust officer American National Bank Denver 1918-10; general counsel for numerous companies. Admitted to the bar Denver 1916; Missouri 1920. Attend St. Paul´s Epis. Church. Member Kansas City, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. Knife and Fort Club. Clubs: Kansas City Country, University. Office: 417 City Bank Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

416 E. 36th Street
Haff, Delbert James, lawyer.

Delbert James Haff

416 E. 36th Street Born Oakland County, Michigan, 1859.
Married Grace Isabel Barse, 1891. Children: Carrol Barse, Madeline, Gertrude. Admitted to Michigan bar 1885; assistant to Judge Thomas M. Coley, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1885-86; practiced alone Kansas City, 1886-89; member firm Haff & Valkenburgh (Arba S.), 1889-96; practiced alone 1896-1900; associate William C. Michaels, 1900-11; member firm Hall, Meservey, German & Michaels, later changed to Haff, Meservey, Michaels, Blackmar & Newkirk; now of counsel Meservey, Michaels, Blackmar, Newkirk & Eager. President Kansas City Board of Park Commissioners, 1910-12; formulated and successfully upheld the law under which the Kansas City park and boulevard system was acquired. Member Board of Freeholders which framed the Kansas City charter 1905; also elected same board 1908. Republican. Director Com. Trust Company. Life member American Unitarian Association. Director Kansas City Chapter American Red Cross. Member Mexican Academy Jurisprudence and Legislation. American Society International Law. American Academy Political and Social Science America. Missouri and Kansas City Bar Associations. Phi Beta Kappa. Member board of governors Liberty Memorial Association. Clubs: Kansas City, Kansas City Beagle, University, Blue Hills Country, Mission Hills Country; University, American, Country (City of Mexico); University, Congressional Country (Washington, D. C.). Office: 906 Commerce Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

610 E. 36th Street
MOORE, Albert Daniel, real estate dealer. Born Kansas City, 1893.
Democrat. Partner Moore Brothers Real Estate, 1916-. 2nd lieutenant C. A. C. Member American Legion. Westport Avenue Presbyterian Church. Club: Kansas City Country. Office: 606 Sharp Building.

610 E. 36th Street
MOORE, Burnes Vaughn, real estate agent. Born Kansas City, 1882.
1st. lieutenant Q. M. C., World War. Member Westport Avenue Presbyterian Church. Club: Kansas City Country. Office: 606 Sharp Building.

720 E. 36th Street
MAUZE, Joseph Layton, clergyman. Born Montevideo, Virginia, 1873.
Married Eleanor Harmon Lexington, Virginia, 1900. Eleanor born Lexington, 1873. Children: George W., Eugene H., Eleanor Cameron, Margaret, J. Layton, Jr., Charles W. Republican. Author of numerous articles in religion papers. Has held various pastorates, 1899-18; pastor Central Presbyterian Church, 1928-. Four minute man, world War. Member Red Cross. Office: 3501 Campbell Street.

720 Gleed Terrace
RHEINER, Edward Robert, real estate loans. Born Fayette County, Illinois, 1871.

720 Gleed Terrace Married Anna Staley, Kansas City, 1914. Anna born Cass County, Missouri, 1872. Republican. Active in loan drives, World War. Member Central Presbyterian Church. Hobby: flowers. Clubs: Blue Hills Golf. Office: 210 Reliance Building.

810 Gleed Terrace
SMITH, Bryce B., executive, major of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bryce B. Smith Born Indianapolis, Indiana, 1878.
Married Nannie A. Norquist, Kansas City, Missouri, 1901. Nannie born Kansas City, 1879. Children: Viola Lillian, Betty Mary. Democrat. Member Upper House common council 1920-13; president Upper house common council 1922-14; vice-president Kansas City board of education. Manager Smith Bakery 1909-11; president Consumers Bread Company, 1921; organized Smith Great West. Baking Company in 1923, with 9 bakeries of the middle west, later merging with Gen. Baking Corporation in 1926; now vice-president Gen. Baking Company and general manager s. w. division. Director Commerce Trust Co., Morris Plan Co., Adv. Com. Casualty Reciprocal Exchange. Methodist. Clubs Meadow Lake Country, Mission Hills Country, Kansas City. Office: 1000 Orear-Leslie Building.

743 Manheim Road
MCQUEENY, James, executive. Born Carrollton, Missouri, 1891.

743 Manheim Rd. Married Agnes Marie Cullen Jefferson City, 1920. Agnes born Jefferson City, 1895. Children: Elizabeth Anne born 1921, Mary Jane born 1922. Democrat. Assistant prohibition director for Missouri 1920-11. Assistant city counselor of Kansas City, 1926-. Associate McAllister, Humphrey, Pew & Broaddus. Admitted to the Missouri bar, 1921. Captain on Mexican Border; captain infantry St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne, World War. Member D. A. V. Fist Baptist Church, Carrollton. Kansas City and Missouri State Bar Associations. Member P. T. A. Office: 624 Rialto Building.

603 E. 39th Street
HALL, Frank Lucas merchant. Born near Knightstown, Indiana, 1856.

605 E. 39th Street President Abernathy Furniture Company. Member Chamber of Commerce. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: University, Kansas City Country. Office: 1513 W. 9th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

918 E. 39th Street
STATTON, Arthur Biggs, bishop. Born Sycamore, Illinois, 1870.
Married Lola May Browne, Chicago, 1893. Lola born Van Meter, Iowa, 1871. Children: Philo A. born 1895, Madeline born 1899. Independent. Instrutor York College Nebraska 1890-94; pastor Olin, Iowa, 1894-97; Hagerstown, 1897-1917; supt. Pa. Conf. 1917-15; elected bishop S. W. District Church of United Brethren in Christ 1925; re-elected 1929. Sent in charge of deputation to visit and study the mission field of the church in Sierra Leone, W. Africa 1928.

3517 Locust Street
CLINGAN, Charles Dean, lawyer. Born Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1868.
Married Nellie Brooker in 1901. Nellie died in 1929. Independent Democrat. Admitted to the bar Pennsylvania, Florida and Missouri. Christian. Office: 919 Walnut Street.

3520 Locust Street
ASH, Louis Russell, civil engineer. Born Union, Co., Kentucky., in 1873.
Married Hadgie Booker Davies in 1905. Hadgie born in Arkansas, in 1874. Children: Samuel born in 1914, Louis born in 1908, died 1911. Republican. City Manager, Wichita, Kansas, 1917-19. Professor mathematics Coe College 1895-1901; assistant engineer Waddell & Hedrick 1901-08; associate engineer Ira G. Hedrick 1908-10; city engineer. Kansas City 1910-13; assistant engineer Waddell & Harrington 1913-15; member firm Harrington, Howard & Ash, 1915-18; now member firm Ash, Howard, Needles & Tammen, Kansas City and New York. Arkansas partner Ash & Cox, rice farm in Arkansas. Member Linwood Presbyterian Church. American Society Civil Engineers. American Society Municipal Improvements. Member first City Plan Committee, Kansas City and member of committee which drafted the present charter of Kansas City. President Citizens Union. Trustee Park College. Director Y. M. C. A. Hobby: motoring. Clubs: Engineers, City, (ex-president of both). Office: 1012 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

3530 Locust Street
WINGER, Maurice H., lawyer.

Maurice H. Winger Born Caldwell County, Missouri, 1875.
Married Nora E. Ribelin, Polo, 1895. Nora born Caldwell County 1874. Children: Alice Maurine born 1896, George J. born 1904, Helen born 1908, died 1909, Robert Alexander born 1912, Maurice born 1917. Democrat. Member firm, New, Miller, Camack & Winger 1915, which became Winger, Reeder, Barker, Gumbiner & Hazard. Director Burhnam Munger Root Dry Goods Company; Robinson Shoe Company; Speas Manufacturing Company. Admitted to the Missouri bar 1899. Member Calvary Baptist Church. Kansas City, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. Vice-president Helping Hand Institute. President William Jewell Alumni Association. Clubs: University, Kansas City, Mission Hills Country. Office: 1200 Gloyd Building.

3624 Locust Street
HOUSE, Francis Everett, lawyer, security, executive. Born LeRoy, Minnesota, 1876.
Married Mildred Manson Faxon 1902. Mildred born Lawrence, 1872. Children: Faxon born 1905, Katherine born 1909, Ruth born 1912. Republican. Kansas City resident since 1899. Director Bankers Mortgage company. Vice president Inland Security Company. Admitted to bar Kansas City, 1899; Kansas, 1898; also admitted D. C.; and by Supreme Court, 1915. Member Westminster Congressional Church. Kansas City Bar Association. Clubs: University, Blue Hills Country. Office: 300 Elmhurst Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3627 Locust Street
ASKEW, Marion Ess, clubwoman.

Marion Ess Askew Born Kansas City, Missouri. Daughter of Henry Newton and Phoebe Jane (Routt) Ess. A.B. Vassar College. Married Kirk Askew in 1901. Children: R. Kirk (married Contance Atwood), Henry Ess, Frances M., Franklin. Republic. Served with National Red Cross Headquarters, Washington, D.C., World War. Member American Legion Auxerial, Westminster Congersatlional Church, Red Cross, Women´s City Club (president), Vassar Club (ex-president), A. A. U. W. (ex-president), and Y. W. C. A. Clubs: Kansas City County.

3632 Locust Street
HOLDEN, James Franklin, executive. Born Prince Albert, Ont., Canada, 1861.
Married Charlotte Ellsworth, 1887. Vice president Kansas City Society Railway. Company, 1910-. Republican. Clubs: Union League (Chicago), Kansas City, Kansas City Country. Office: 11 & Wyandotte Streets.

3723 Locust Street
WEAVERLING, Ralph Eugene, insurance adjuster.

Ralph Eugene Weaverling Born Beatrice, Nebraska, 1886.
University of Nebraska tennis team 1911; winner Missouri Valley collegiate singles championship 1911. Married Beatrice Moffett, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1912. Moffett born Albia, Iowa, 1890. Children: Eleanor, 13, Margaret, 9. Republican. Senator 5th district Nebraska, 1919; North Ben, Nebraska city attorney, 1911-19. Now adjuster Business Mens Assurance Company. Admitted to the bar 1911. Four man, head of Co. Red Cross drive., World War. Member Linwood Presbyterian Church. Clubs: University (Lincoln), Indian Hills Country. Office: 600 Gates Building.

3729 Locust Street
BLAIR, Edward Giles, surgeon. Born Atchison, Kansas, in 1866.
His father, Edward Kendal Blair, was engaged in steamboating and freighting across the western plains, also a flour miller. Married Ethel Ingalls in 1894. Ethel born in Atchison in 1868. Child: Ellsworth born 1897, died two days later. Kansas City resident 35 years. Admitted to practice Missouri 1894. Member Jackson County Missouri State and American Medical Associations, Society for Study of Goitre (ex-president). Author of medical articles on skin grafting and The Surgery of Goitre. Clubs: Kansas City County, University. Office: 404 Bryant Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3741 Locust Street
LEE, Thomas B., president Martin Brothers & Lee Commn. Company.

3816 Locust Street
ASKEW, Frank D., secretary-treasurer General Leather Industries, Inc.

3517 Cherry Street
LEHMAN, Lawrence, theatrical manager. Born Los Angeles, 1886.
Married Edith Gruber Spitz 1911. Edith born Kansas City, 1889. Child: Martin Ben born 1914. Independent. Manager Mainstreet Theatre. Jewish. Clubs: Oakwood, Athletic. Office: Mainstreet Theatre, 14th & Main Streets.

3534 Cherry Street
HURWITZ, Bernard Turk, lawyer.

3534 Cherry St. Born Kansas City, Kansas 1897.
Married Ruth Devorah Taxman 1926. Ruth born Rock Island, Illinois, 1904. Child: Roger born 1928. Republican. Blue Sky Commr. of Missouri 1922-15; special. pros. attorney Jackson County 1925-17. Has been associate Harding, Deatherage, Murphy & Stinson, James E. Goodrich; now member firm Hanna & Hurwitz. Secretary and board member National Garage Company; secretary Independent Tile & Mantel Company. Admitted to the bar Kansas City 1920. 2nd class seaman O. T. C., U. S. N. Member American Legion. B´nai Jehudah. Kansas City Bar Association. Club: Oakwood Country. Office: 1208 Federal Reserve Bank Building.

6 Janssen Place
ANDREWS, Jesse, lawyer. Born in Waterproof, Louisiana, 1874.
Married Celeste Bujac in Houston in 1900. Celeste born in Houston in 1878. Child: Mark Edwin (1903) married Marguerite McLellan. Democrat. One of senior members Baker, Botts, Parker & Garwood, and in charge of Kansas City office; general counsel Long-Bell Lumber Company, Pickering Lumber Company, Bowman-Hicks Lumber Company, and Forest Lumber Company. Admitted to practice Austin, Texas, 1896. Member Jackson County, Harris County, Missouri, Texas, and American Bar Associations; Chamber of Commerce; Director Taxpayer League. Trustee University of Kansas City. Clubs: Kansas City, Kansas City Country, Mission Hills Country, Houston (Texas) Country, Longview (Wisconsin) Country, University. Office: 1314 R. A. Long Building.

20 Janssen Place
PICKERING, William A., lumberman. Born Buffalo, Missouri, 1879.

17 Janssen PlaceMarried Zoe Louise Cravens 1901. Children: Russell Cravens, Zoe Louise, Cynthia Ann. Clubs: Kansas City, Blue Hills Country, Bohemian (San Francisco). Office: Pickering Building.

42 Janssen Place
BERNARDIN, Joseph Mariotte, lumberman. Born Ft. Scott, Kansas in 1868.

42 Janssen Place Married Maud Haines in 1898. Maud born Kansas City in 1873. Children: Joseph Buchanan born 1899, Winton Mariotte born 1902. Independent. Owner J. M. Bernardin Lumber Company, President Bernardin Timber & Manufacturing Company, Director Federal Reserve Bank. Active in Loan and Liberty Memorial drives. Member Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Chamber of Commerce. Office: 420 Keith & Perry Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

54 Janssen Place
JENKINS, John W., president J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co.

54 Janssen Place

61 Janssen Place
KEALY, Philip Joseph, ex-president Kansas City Railways Company. Born Bloomington, Illinois, 1994.
Married Helen Crowley (deceased). 2nd Marriage Joyce M. Hutchins.

88 Janssen Place
BOXLEY, Fred Ansel, lawyer.

Fred Ansel Boxley Born Butler, Missouri, in 1877.
Married Olive Swarens in 1903. Olive born Springfield, Illinois. Child: Olive Lucile born 1906. Democrat. Former president 4th Ward Democratic Club. In private practice of law and Jackson County Counselor. Vice president South Side Bank, Butler; director of various concerns. Admitted to Butler bar 1901. Captain Company B., 2nd Missouri Volunteer Infantry Spanish American War; 1st lieutenant Battery B. Kansas City Government appeal agent and organizer of Soldiers Loan Bur. for returning soldiers, World War. Christian. Member Kansas City, Missouri State, and American Bar Associations. Clubs: Kansas City, Mission Hills Country. Office: 112-13 Commerce Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3512 Kenwood Avenue
MAYER, Harry H., clergyman. Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1874.
Married Cornelia Ney 1905. Cornelia born New York. Child: William L. born 1906. Republican. Kansas City resident 30 years. Author of Union Hymnal; various pamphlets and magazine articles. Editor Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, 1918-15. Rabbi emeritus Congregation B´nai Jehudah. Became rabbi Cincinnati, 1896. Active in loan drives and welfare work at Camp Funston, World War. Member Cen. Conf. of Am. Rabbis (executive committee 1911-13). Salvation Army (advisory board). Andrew Drum Institute (trustee). Franklin Institute (vice-president). Pure Milk commn. 1907-15 (president). Prof. Mens Club (1st vice-president) Cooperative. I. O. B. B. Palestine Exploration Fund of Great Britain 1902-10 (hon. sec.). Y. M. H. A. (board of directors). Club: Oakwood Country, Dodson, Missouri. Hobby: meditation.

3527 Kenwood Avenue
RYCHEL, Edward Joseph, Jr., life insurance counselor. Born Mt. Washington, Missouri, 1908.
Republican. Kansas City resident 21 years. Assisted in writing Methods of International Legislation; accired on research work for Dr. Manly O. Hudson´s Multi-Lateral Treaties 1919-19; League of Nationals Library, Geneva, Switzerland, 1929; attended summer session University of Geneva, 1929. Life insurance counselor with Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance company. Secretary Foreign Policy Association. Bugler 7th Missouri National Guard, 1918-19; asso. in all detail with that reg. at age of 11. Member Linwood Boulevard Christian Church. Phi Gamma Delta Alumni Association. Sports: golf, tennis. Hobby: reading. Office: 609 Sharp Building.

3527 Kenwood Avenue
RYCHEL, Edward J., realtor. Born Drenthe, Michigan, 1868.
Married Mary E. Harris, Kansas City, 1900. Mary born Franklin, Kentucky, 1870. Children: Katheryne born 1904, E. Joseph born 1908. Republican. Kansas City resident 30 years. Secretary Flaugh-Rychel Realty Company. President Mosby Coal & Mining Company. Member Linwood Boulevard Christian Church. Chamber of Commerce. Real Estate Board. M. W. A. Men´s Bible Class Linwood Christian Church. Club: Ivanhoe Country. Office: 203-04 Victor Building.

3516 Holmes Street
LIEBERMAN, B. Albert, physician. Born Louisville, Kentucky, 1874.
Married Beatrice Reefer 1904. Beatrice born St. Louis, 1896. Children: B. Albert, Jr. born 1907, Margaret born 1913. Democrat. Admitted to practice Kansas City 1896. Major and surgeon 6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Cuba, 1898; 33rd U. S. Volunteer Infantry, P. I.; commd. major in Medical Corps World War (declined). Member B´nai Jehuda Temple. Jackson County and American Medical Associations. Hon. member Kansas City Acad. of Med. I. O. B. B. Clubs: Oakwood Golf and Country, Fortnightly, Knife and Fork. Office: 308-15 Bryant Building.

FIELD, Russell, lawyer. Born Solomon, Kansas, 1877.
Married Gertrude Brown in 1913. Gertrude born in Chicago in 1886. Granddaughter of David T. Beals. Children: Russell born 1913, Lyman born 1914, Gertrude born 1916. Republican. Now practicing law and police commissioner. Admitted to he bar Kansas City 1900. Attends Westminster Congressional Church. Member Kansas City Bar Association. Club: Kansas City. Office: 536 Lathrop Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3627 Holmes Street
JAMISON, Howard Lacon, lawyer. Born Kansas City, 1888.
Graduated Westport High School 1908. Republican. Assistant prosecuting attorney Jackson County. Member firm Jamison, Ostergard & Jamison, attorneys. Admitted to the bar Kansas City, 1912. Lt. air service, production div., World War. Member American Legion (v-comdr. Fitzsimons Post). Trinity M. E. Church. Kansas City Bar Association. Hobby: golf. Club: Milburn Golf and Country. Office: 617 N. Y. Life Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3627 Holmes Street
JAMISON, William T., lawyer.

Wm. T. Jamison Born Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1858.
Married Annie M. Whitely 1886. Annie born Washington County, 1861. Child: Howard L. born 1898. Republican. Assistant prosecuting attorney, 1925-17. Associate Judge L. C. Slavens and W. F. Spottswood 1890-94; speaker of lower house, common council, Kansas City, 1894; nominated and elected prosecuting attorney 1894; now member firm Jamison, Ostergard & Jaminson. Admitted to Michigan bar 1883; West Virginia, 1886; Missouri, 1886. Member Trinity M. E. Church. Kansas City Bar Association. Sport: golf. Club: University. Office: Suite 617 New York Life Building.

3863 Holmes Street
WIGHT, Grace Sheridan.

Grace Sheridan Wight

3836 Holmes Street Born Laguna, New Mexico, 1880.
Married Thomas Wight, Kansas City, 1905. Children: Helen McLean born 1906, Dorothy Mary born 1907, Marjorie Sheridan born 1911, died 1917. Independent. Kansas City resident 43 years. Active in World War work; captain Baby Bond rive. Founder of neighborhood recreation center called Community Hall at 1907 Indiana Avenue; name changed to Friendly House after the War; later consolidated with Minute Circle, now known as Minute Circle-Friendly House; this institution was founded as a memorial to Mrs. Wight´s daughter, Marjorie Sheridan, who died in 1917; Mrs. Wight acted as president for many years. Member D A. R. Daughters of 1812. Christian. Women´s City Club; (vice-chair hospital committee). Needlework Guild. As general chair of Titania´s Palace Mrs. Wight has brought untold happiness to Kansas City children. She was instrumental in raising funds for the establishment of the Mother´s Milk Station at the Kansas City General Hospital thru which the lives of many children have been saved.

WIGHT, Thomas, architect.

Grace Sheridan Wight

3836 Holmes Street Born Halifax, N. S. 1874.
Married Grace Sheridan, Kansas City, 1880. Independent. Kansas City resident 25 years. With McKim , Mead and White, architects, New York, 12 years; 1 year archl. study in Europe; now senior partner Wight & Wight, architects. Admitted to practice Kansas City 1904. Christian. In the history of McKim, Mead & White, which appeared in The Architectural Review, Mr. Wight´s name was mentioned as one of forty out of seven hundred whose activities and accomplishments have made them well known in the profession. A few noteworthy attainments of the firm of Wight & Wight are: The William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, The Atkins Museum of Art, The Kansas City Life Building, The Wyandotte County Court House, St. Joseph´s Hospital and many bank and office buildings. Member American Institute of Architects. Chamber of Commerce (Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas). Fine Arts Institute Club: Kansas City. Office 4th Floor First National Bank Building.

3523 Charlotte Street
REYNOLDS, Thomas Harvey, lawyer. Born McArthur, Ohio, 1866.
Married Ida May Barlow, Kansas City, 1902. Ida died 1904. Republican. Member firm Lathrop, Crane, Reynolds, Sawyer & Mersereau. Congregationalist. Knife and Fork Club. Clubs: University, Athletic. Blue Hills Golf. Office: 304 First National Bank Building.

3524 Charlotte Street
GERMAN, Charles Wesley, lawyer.

Charles Wesley German Born Elora, Canada.
Married Louise Zoller 1898. Louise born Greensburg, Indiana. Children: Charles Zoller, George Wesley. Republican. Admitted to the bar Chicago, 1889; Kansas City, 1891. Member Westminster Congressional. Kansas City (former president), Missouri State (former president) and American Bar Associations. Hobby: golf. Clubs: University, Kansas City, Blue Hills Country (former president, last named club). Office: 704 Land Bank Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3529 Charlotte Street
JENKINS, Burris Atkins, clergyman.

Burris Atkins Jenkins Born Kansas City, 1869.
Married Mattie Bocker in Lexington, Kentucky, 1894. Children: Catherine deceased, Burris Atkins (cartoonist N. Y. World), Georgia, Paul, Andrew, Logan Hocker. Mrs. Jenkins is an ordained minister. Editor The Christian. Author Heroes of Faith (1896); The Man in the Street and Religion (1917); Facing the Hinderburg Line (1917); It Happened Over There (1918); The Protestant (1918); Princess Salome (1921); The Bracegirdle (1922); Beauties of the New Testament (1925). Ordained in Disciples of Christ 189. Pastor Indianapolis, Indiana, 1896-1900; professor New Testament literature and exegesis, University of Indianapolis, 1898-1900; president 1899-1900; president Kentucky University 1901-07; pastor Linwood Blvd. Christian Church Kansas City, 1907-. Editor and publisher Kansas City Post 1919-11.

3633 Charlotte Street
SIMPSON, James Young, physician.

James Young Simpson Born Westport, Missouri, 1861.
Married Leonora Edith Litchfield Kansas City, 1893. Leonora born Healthsville, Viriginia, 1872. Children: Mary Eleanor born 1894; James Young, Jr. born 1896, died 1918, killed in action at Beileau Wood, awarded Croix de Guerre, citation of valor by comdr. of 2nd. Division; Dorothy Ellen, born 1902. Independent. House surgeon Orange Memorial Hospital. Orange school commr. and city physician 1883-88; nominee for coroner of Essex County, New Jersey. Author of Organic Materia Medica (1884); The Indelible Image (1896); The Undoing of Mr. Doolittle (1904). Supt. S. W. San. 1916-11; supt. and half owner Simpson-Major San. 1921-. Admitted to practice Orange 1882. Major Surgeon N. J. N. G. 1886. S. A. R. Member Gold Star League (past president). Christian. Fellow American Medical Association. Member Jackson County Medical society. K. C. S. W. Clinical Society. M. W. A. W. O. W. M. B. a. Fraternal Aid. American Ins. union. Security Benefit Association. Hobbies: reading, photography, sport. Club: Woodhill Country. Office: Simpson-Major Sanitarium, 3100 Euclid Avenue.

3651 Charlotte Street
BOND, George A., General Manager Kansas City Automobile Club.

3828 Charlotte Street
ROACH, Cornelius, banker. Born Jersey County, Illinois, 1863.
Married Sallie Elizabeth Millard Hutchinson, Kansas. Children: 10 daughters and 4 sons. Democrat. Secretary Missouri Senate, 1893-1909; Secretary of State of Missouri, 1909-17; chairman state tax committee, 1917-19. Editor Carthage (Missouri) Democrat; Jasper County Democrat. Chairman board Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company. Member St. James R. C. Church. Council of Social Agcys. Pub. Service Institute. Meridian Club. Kansas City Fed. of Justice. Hobby: literature. Office 15 W. 10th Street.

3852 Charlotte Street
COOPER, Armwell Lockwood, lawyer. Born Willow Grove, Delaware, in 1870.
Married Ley in 1899. Ley born Cleveland, Ohio in 1872, died Kansas City 1924. Children: Dorothy Emily born 1902, died 1920, Gertrude Caroline born 1905. Married Blanch A. Green in Kansas City in 1927. Democrat. Missouri state senator 1907; Jackson County, counselor 1915-12. Member Kansas City charter committee 1925; col. A. D. C. staff Governor Herbert S. Hadley. Member firm Cooper, Neel, Kemp & Sutherland; lecturer in Kansas City School of Law. General counsel and director, Liberty National Bank; Kansas City Structural Steel Company. Admitted to the Missouri bar in 1895. Member St. Georges Epis. Church. Kansas City (past president, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. Hobby: farming. Club: Athletic. Office: 524 Keith & Perry Building, Kansas City, Missouri.

3860 Charlotte Street
McDANIEL, Lex, executive.

Lex McDaniel Born Saline County, Missouri, 1875.
Married Maude Wheeler Miami, Missouri, 1901. Maude born Saline County, 1875. Children: Kirk born 1902, Elizabeth born 1909. Democrat. In abstract business Kansas City 36 years; now vice-president Kansas City Title & Trust Company. Director East Side Bank of Commerce. Member Calvary Baptist Church. American Title Association. Club. Knife & Fork Club. Moderator Kansas City Baptist Association. Treasurer Missouri Baptist General Association. Sport: duck hunting. Clubs: Meadow Lake Country, Social Target, Hunting. Office: Title & Trust Building.

3524 Campbell Street
NELSON, Edward Paul, dentist. Born Maryville, Missouri, 1906.
Admitted to practice, 1928. 1st. Lieutenant R. O. A. Member Kansas City, Missouri State and American Dental Associations. Family came to American in early childhood; mother came directly west; father traveled as fas as S. D. where he was educated; they were married in Maryville. Club: Cavalier. Hobby: music. Office: 711 Lathrop Building.

3530 Campbell Street
KELLOGG, Louise Amy, clubwoman. Born Aurora, Illinois, 1864.
Daughter Henry Morton and Ellen R. (Conger) Avery. Married Collins Day Kellogg. Democrat. Christian Scientist. Member D. A. R. Kansas City Athenaeum. Woman´s City Club. Daughters of American Colonists. Daughters of 1812.

3612 Campbell Street
JOHNSON, Waldo P., lawyer. Born Osceola, Missouri, 1887.
Nephew to William Tell Johnson of 3659 Harrison Boulevard. Married Katherine Lewis 1912. Katherine born Osceola, 1893, descendant Col. Fielding Lewis and Betty Washington, sister of George Washington. Children: Alice Blanche born 1913, Waldo P., 3rd born 1921. Democrat. St. Clair prosecuting attorney, St. Clair County Liberty Loan Organization, legal advisory board, Four Minute Men and speakers committee of Red Cross, World War. Member Kansas City, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. Office: 438 Lathrop Building. "1930 Who´s Who of K. C."

3635 Campbell Street
CUSACK, Raymond Vincent, sales executive. Born Kansas City, Missouri, in 1884.
His father, Martin Cusack, was personal friend and strong supporter of Grover Cleveland. Married Myrtle Evelyn Burress in Kansas City in 1921. Myrtle was born in Paola, Kansas, in 1891. Democrat. Started as office boy for Richards & Conover Hardware Company in 1899; received promotions to auditor, buyer; now sales manager. Active in loan drives World War. Member St. James R. C. Church. Kansas City and National Purchasing Agents Associations. Elk. Clubs: Kansas City Athletic, Milburn Country. Office: 200 W. 5th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

3640 Campbell Street
HUGHES, William Neill, Jr., executive. Born Columbia, Tennessee 1878.

3640 Campbell Street Married Aliene Fry 1907. Aliene born Austin, Texas. Child: William Neil 3rd born 1916. Independent. Col. Hughes has been an officer in the regular army for 21 years. Treasurer Venetian Brick Company; president Pierce Company; treasurer Pioneer Safe Deposit Company; assistant trust officer Pioneer Trust Company. Member American Legion. R. O. A. Christian. Member Aerobe (vice president 1926-19). Club: Kansas City County. Offices: 559 Westport Avenue and Pioneer Trust Company.

3526 Harrison Boulevard
REED, Franklin Everett, lawyer. Born Beaver County, Pennsylvania, 1867.

3526 Harrison Street Married Pearlena Sarah Kroh, Kansas City, Kansas, 1896. Children: Cameron K. born 1897, Frances born 1902. Republican. Formed law firm of Reed & Reed with brother W. T. Reed in 1892; helped organize United Securities Company, 1923, and has since been counsel, treasurer and vice-president. Admitted to the Kansas Bar 1892. Sport: golf. Club. Mission Hills Country. Office 100 New York Life Building.

3529 Harrison Boulevard
DOMINICK, James Robert, banker.

James Robert Dominick Born Houston, Mississippi, in 1863.
Married Gertrude Nichols Masters in Kansas City in 1892. Gertrude born Coffeyville, Kansas, in 1874. Democrat. At the age of 23, having visited the larger cities nearby and gotten a larger and better view of business opportunities, and after having given the matter much careful consideration, decided to settle in Kansas City, because of the appeal banking held for him, he immediately sought a position and, because of recommendations brought from the home state, succeeded after three days in connecting with the American National Bank; his salary was $30.00 the first month, $40.00 the second and $50.00 the third, where it stayed for some time; after spending 15 years in various capacities was elected assistant cashier and finally cashier; he resigned and organized the Traders Bank (now Traders National Bank) in 1900 and was president until 1930, at which time the Gate City National Bank was merged with the Trades National Bank under the name of the Traders Gate City National Bank and Mr. Dominick is now president of the continued institution; in 1908 organized the Produce Exchange Bank and has been president to the present time. Chairman draft board 12th ward, K. C., Missouri World War. Member Brookside M. E. Church S. Mo. (president 1909) and American (member exec. council 3 years) Bankers Association. Chamber of Commerce. Treasure and trustee Lincoln & Lee U. of K. C., now being organized. Member general board of finance M. E. Church S. Clubs: Kansas City, Blue Hills Country. Office: Traders Gate City National Bank.

3533 Harrison Boulevard
EDWARDS,George H., ex-mayor. Born St. Louis in 1860.
Married Isabella Dix in 1889. Children: Alice Louise (deceased), George Herbert (deceased), Lucile Belle, Richard Dix, Betsey Josephine, Gertrude Martha, Grace Eleanor. Member Upper house of Common Council, 1906-14; mayor Kansas City, 1916-18. Republican. Office: 1115 Walnut Street.

3628 Harrison Boulvard
KATZ, Isaac, Chairman of the Board Katz Drug Company, Inc.

3646 Harrison Boulevard
TURNER, Hortense Taylor, (Mrs. James E.) Born Kansas City, 1888.
Grandfather, D. L. Taylor, was mayor of Trinidad, Colorado, 5 terms, nearly 25 years. Married James Ernest Turner, Kansas City, 1910. Children: Barbara Ann born 1912, Janet Elizabeth born 1914, John Milton born 1918. Republican. Hobby: farming. Clubs: Mission Hills Country. Country home: "Jacoboa" Ganzer Road, Kansas City, Missouri.

3646 Harrison Boulevard
TURNER, James Ernest, lumberman. Born Bedford, Missouri, 1882.
Married Hortense Aileen Taylor, Kansas City, 1910. Hortense born Kansas City 1888. Children: Barbara Ann born 1912, Janet Elizabeth born 1914, John Milton born 1918. Democrat. Secretary-treasurer Turner Lumber & Investment Company; Heart of American Lumber Company; Laurel Hgts. Development Company; Eastwood Hills Country Club; director American Hereford Cattle Breeders Association, president, 1925. Captain Co. A. 110th Engineers. Missouri National Guard 1924; captain Missouri Home Guard 1917-18. Captain Engineers O. R. C. 1924-. Christian Scientist. Scoutmaster B. S. Z. 1922-13. Hobby: livestock breeding. Clubs: Kansas City, Mission Hills Country, Eastwood Hills Country, Military Country. Office: 320 City Bank Building.

3653 Harrison Boulevard
HATCHER, Thomas G., Vice president Santa Fe Savings & Loan Association.

3659 Harrison Boulevard
JOHNSON, William Tell, lawyer.

William Tell Johnson Uncle to Waldo P. Johnson of 3612 Campbell Street. Born Osceola, Missouri, 1848.
Married Agnes Margaret Harris, Denver, 1885. Agnes born St. Clair County. Children: Margaret, Robert Waldo, Mary Agnes, Helen (died in infancy). Democrat. Mayor, Osceola, Missouri, 1872; judge Probate Court, St. Clair, County, 1873-74; delegate at large, Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1922. Professor prep. department Notre Dame University 1869-70; senior partner Johnson, Lucas, Landon & Graves. Vice president and director Westport Exchange Bank. Admitted to the Bar Butler, Missouri, 1872. Chairman legal advisory board to draft board 1917-18. Member St. James R. C. Church. Kansas City, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. Catholic Club. Holy Name Society. Knight of St. Gregory the Great. Office: 312 Keith & Perry Building.

3717 Harrision Boulevard
CAMPBELL, Everett Kirker, engineer and executive. Born Newton, Iowa, in 1874.
Married Anna Parker in 1903. Anna born Mason City, Iowa. Children: Everett K., Jr., Ruth F., Grace E., Mary W., Roger P. President E. K. Campbell Heating Company and Thermidaire Corp. Office: 2441 Charlotte Street.

3738 Harrison Boulevard
TAYLOR, Lynn Gray, physician. Born Philadelphia, O., 1860.
Married Katherine Augusta Anderman, New Philadelphia, 1887. Katherine born Washington, D. C., 1863. Republican. Prof. Med.-Chirurgical College until 1910; professor physiology in Kansas City West Dental College and Kansas City College of Pharm. the past 27 years and to date. Admitted to practice in Ohio, 1882. Member Jackson County, Missouri State and American Medical Associations. Office 909 Waldheim Building.

3743 Harrison Street
WINTERMOTE, Albert Rawls, jeweler. Born Versailles, Kentucky, 1874.
Married Helen Lillian Bonniwell, Kansas City, 1902. Helen born Monticello, Iowa, 1873. Democrat. Vice-president Jaccard Jewelry Company. Member First Christian Church. Clubs: Athletic, Meadow Lake Golf. Office: 1017-19 Walnut Street.

3746 Harrison Boulevard
MUSSER, Earl Beachy, executive. Born Berlin, Pennsylvania, 1883.
Married Bernice Gano Baker Hutchinson, Kansas, 1913. Bernice born Pawnee Rock, Kansas, 1892. Child: Earl Beachy, Jr. born 1922. Republican. President S. W. Ice Company. Christian. Club: Kansas City Athletic. Office: 625 Southwest Boulevard, Rosedale, Kansas.

3805 Harrison Boulevard
BARD, Andreas Theodore, clergyman.

Andreas Theodare Bard Born Schwerin, Germany in 1873.
Married Christine Schwartz in 1895. Christine born Freeport, Illinois, in 1873. Child: Helen born in 1897. Republican. Kansas City resident 20 years. Author The Dawn of Tomorrow and other lectures (1911); Your Flag and My Flag (1918); The Bride of Bagdad (1926); Trail of Covered Wagon (1924); also verse. Rector Grace Episcopal Church, Ellensburg, Washington, 1897; rector and builder St. Paul´s Episcopal Church and school, Walla Walla, Washington, 1898-1908; pastor and builder of St. Mark´s Lutheran, Kansas City, 1910-. Ordained, Dubuque, 1893. Lectured under auspices U. S. government 1917, the lectures appearing in printed form under the title Your Flag and My Flag (1918). Club: Eastwood Hills Country. Hobby: travel. Office: St. Mark´s Church, Kansas City, Missouri.

3504 Troost Avenue
Office of Earl B. Hobbs, physician and surgeon.

3504 Troost Avenue
Office of Luther Earl Leusley, dentist. Home at 1115 E. 36th Street.