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As We See' Em—Residents PDF 

From As We See’ Em; A Volume of Cartoons and Caricatures of Kansas Cityans, ca. 1908.

W.H.S. Brady
As We See’ Em W.H.S. Brady

3537 Campbell Street

J.R. Dominick
As We See’ Em J.R. Dominick

3529 Harrison Boulevard

J.F. Downing
As We See’ Em J.R. Downing

520 E. Armour Boulevard

George E. Edwards
As We See’ Em George E. Edwards

3533 Harrison Boulevard

John Hayes
As We See’ Em John Hayes

3521 Harrison Boulevard

J.F. Houlehan
As We See’ Em J.F. Houlehan

LaSalle Hotel
Linwood Boulevard & Harrison Street

J.W. Jenkins
As We See’ Em J.W. Jenkins

54 Janssen Place

J. Logan Jones
As We See’ Em J. Logan Jones

911 E. Linwood Boulevard

R.M. Rigby
As We See’ Em R.M. Rigby

27 Janssen Place

Arthur E. Stilwell
As We See’ Em Arthur E. Stilwell

720 Armour Boulevard
620 E. 36th Street
3442 Charlotte Street

B.L. Sulzbacher
As We See’ Em B.L. Sulzbacher

400 E. Armour Boulevard

J.H. Tschudy>
As We See’ Em J.H. Tschudy

2 Janssen Place

Edwin R. Weeks
As We See’ Em Edwin R. Weeks

3408 Harrison Street