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As We See' Em—Architects PDF 

From As We See’ Em; A Volume of Cartoons and Caricatures of Kansas Cityans, ca. 1908.

Also see list of all architects and their Hyde Park buildings.

J.C. Braecklein
As We See’ Em J.C. Braecklein

3821 Gillham Road

Louis S. Curtiss
As We See’ Em louis Curtiss

500 East 36th Street

F. C. Gunn
As We See’ Em F.C. Gunn

3530 Harrison Boulevard

As We See’ Em Ownen  & Todd

711 Manheim Road
3800 Troost Avenue, St. Marks Church

W. C. Root
As We See’ Em W.C. Root

416 East 36th Street
417 East 37th Street
3530 Cheery Street
642 East 36th Street

Charles A. Smith
As We See’ Em Charles A. Smith

3636 Harrison Boulevard