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Photographs courtesy of the Parks, Recreation and Boulevards Department of Kansas City, Missouri.

West side of Gillham

Looking east from west side of Gillham at curve before 39th Street. Date unknown. Pre Eagle Scout Memorial.

Harrison Parkway just off 39th Street

Northeast from 39th Street. 1907. School road has been slightly relocated.

Harrison west of Holmes

Northeast off of 39th Street. 1939 Edge of school road shown on left. Holmes street is where the second vehicle is and the men are getting ready to cross.


Man is standing north of Manheim Road and west of Campbell Street. 1931. Mayor Bryce Smith's house in background.


South side of Harrison Parkway between Campbell Street and Harrison Boulevard. 1909. Sycamores are still standing so must be at least 200 years old.

Harrison between Campbell and Holmes

South side of Harrison Parkway looking at Campbell and Gleed Terrace. 1932. Same sycamores as previous picture. Most of the 1909 trees have been lost except for the now towering oak at the southwest corner of Gleed Terrace and Campbell St.

South side Harrison

Northeast along north side of Harrison Parkway. 1977 Almost all of the trees along the north side of the walk have been lost to storms and age. Picture from a 1977 Hyde Parker.

Cave at Charlotte and Gleed

1906 Sketch of the cave at Charlotte and Gleed.