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"Hyde Park Group Observes Arbor Day" K.C. Times, April 30,1974 PDF  | Print |

About 40 residents and friends of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association yesterday attended the association’s first Arbor Day picnic and planted a tree along Harrison Parkway, 39th and Harrison Boulevard.

Bradford K. Van Hecke, 3846 Campbell, association member, said the picnic was the culmination of two days of activities in connection with Arbor Day. About 20 association members and Councilman Joseph Shaughnessy, Jr., participated in a cleanup Saturday of the Hyde Park area. The group collected trash from 31st to 43rd, Troost to Holmes. The city public works department volunteered three trash trucks and two flatbed trucks for the cleanup.

Among persons attending the picnic yesterday were Ted Newman and Ronald Spradley, Jackson County legislators, Councilmen Richard Berkley and Shaughnessy.