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Organization of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, Kansas City┬┤s newest improvement body, has resulted from the application to have changed the zoning classification of the east side of Gillham Road from 150 feet south of Armour Boulevard to Thirty-sixth Street.

The city plan commission yesterday denied the request of Maj. C.W. Bartlett, W.E. Bartlett, Fred A Hornbeck, Josephine Hornbeck, E.S. Guignon and the Kansas City Title & Trust Company for the zoning change.

The applicants had asked that the classification of that section of Gillham Road be changed from residence to apartment or apartment hotel.


The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association was the upshot of letters to fifty-four property owners in the district protesting the breaking down of the original ruling of the commission and asking an expression on the proposed change, F.E. House, leader of the opposition in the controversy, explained.

An answer denouncing the requested change was equivalent to charter membership in the new association, he said.

Opponents of the change presented a petition signed by the fifty-four property owners questioned. Henry S. Conrad, who appeared for the applicants, charged the commission was taking property without due process of law. He will appeal the decision of the commission to the courts, he declared.


Mr. House announced that the new association will hold its first meeting next week. The charter members: J.F. Holden, D.A. Conner for the Patton estate, J.M. Johnson, F.P. Burnap, George M. Siemans, Ford Harvey, H. Shaffer, L.R. Ash, Dr. St. Clair Street, David Benjamin, Cornelius Roadh, C.L. Foutch, G.S. Montgomery, H.L. Nicolet, Perry S. Lorie, Henry A. Jones, the Rev. Clarence Reidenbach, Grant I. Rosenweig, J.W. Jenkins, Benjamin Berkshire, Dr. James Y. Simpson, J.H. Kaylor, Frank R. Dickson for Mrs. J.R. Crowe, W.S. Webb, Millard J. Block, W.H. Schultz, Judge Albert L. Reeves, W.A. Pickering, F.E. Tyler, Mrs. Sallie Masters, J.M. Tschudy, W.C. Bowman, T.Y. Willock, Ira D. Bigham, Seth S. Serat, Henry O. Fowler, J.B. Bray, Lex McDaniel, J.M. Bernardin, Alfred Gregory, U.S.G. Peabody, F.E. House, W.W. Goodwin, Webster Withers, Thomas H. Reynolds, Henry M. Beardsley, Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Lyman, R. Kirk Askew, Mrs. A.T. Hemingway, H.K. Negbaur and J.F. Goodman.