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Wrennmore Apartment Building, K.C. Star December 11, 1927 PDF  | Print |

Last June the large stone residence, which long had been the John F. Parker home,s still occupied its site at the southwest corner of Armour and Harrison boulevards. Meanwhile, a wrecking crew has ripped that substantial 1-family house from the corner, and various construction crews have erected there an 8-story fireproof edifice, with accommodations for seventy families. The new occupant of the ground is the Wrennmore apartment hotel, named for its builder, William G. Wrenn. Finishing touches now are being applied, and the formal opening probably will be Thursday. the building is an interesting design by P. T. Drotts, architect, the exterior walls being of a dull buff brick, trimmed with terra cotta. The site, rounding at the intersection of the two boulevards, is 80 x 123 feet.

Note: The building was torn down in the late 20th century because of neglect and structural problems.

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