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by V.J.L. Saunders

Armour Boulevard extends quaintly from Broadway to the Paseo. Named in honor of Simeon D. Armour of the renowned Armour Meat Packing family, the Boulevard remains a vital, significant thoroughfare in the business and economic heart of Kansas City.

Simeon Armour was a staunch Kansas City enthusiast; businessman, civic leader, and large landholder. He was also a powerful supporter of Kansas City's new Parks and Boulevard System; and held a position on the Park Board from 1892–1901. Though the Armour Meat Packing Co. headquarters was located in Chicago, IL, Simeon Armour and his family cheerfully made their home in Kansas City. The Armour Family Residence took up over two blocks, from Main to Warwick. Today, on its site, there now exist thriving businesses and a school."