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Kansas City Star, November 10, 1929

It was the motor cars that changed Armour Boulevard from a thoroughfare to mansions to a busy traffic artery that looks to the apartment hotel builder to shape its future skyline. The motor car permitted desirable home districts to develop "father out," and the density of traffic took away the one–time attraction of main thoroughfares.

Linwood Boulevard first developed as a street of family hotels and apartments, for private restrictions held the greater part of Armour Boulevard to single residences. The restrictions expired about the time of the war. The Georgian Court apartments was the first tall building, the Bellerive and others following.

The coming of the apartment hotels to the boulevards at first was resented. But the more modern view holds the wide thoroughfares especially adapted to multi–family housing. But Kansas City will never have another Armour Boulevard as it was built in the booming ´80´s and the gay ´90´s.