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Times, November 25, 1926

Some Reminiscences of Armour Boulevard

To The Star: The commercial assault on Armour boulevard failed to disastrously that every good citizen is rejoicing. Commercialized opposition to our beautiful boulevard system has scored another crushing defeat.

Armour boulevard, with one less handsome exception, Southwest boulevard, pioneered by W. T. Little (still living hereabouts, I think), is virtually Kansas City’s fist real boulevard. There was much talk and many plans then of others, notable Independence boulevard, and the Blue boulevard, east from Fifteenth and Campbell streets.

Armour boulevard obtained its name form S. B. Armour, then the principal owner of Armour & co., and an active member of the park board. He was a very good, generous and modest man and strongly opposed the honor.

many times he was solicited to become a candidate for mayor, and he could easily have been elected, but always firmly declined, saying he was a very busy man.

Armour’s stately residence, with a broad lawn and ample frontage, at 1216 Broadway, will be remembered by many. It was quite an ornament to that section. The Commonwealth hotel now occupies the site.

Many years ago, a negro woman here sued her husband for divorce. She testified that during the day he was busy shooting cattle at the Armour packing plant, and at night shooting craps, and was always broke. Asked what she herself did, the woman straightened up in the chair and proudly said: “Why, I works for some good white folks out on Mr. Armour’s bollvard.”

When Phil Armour, the brainy head of the great packing system, was here on a visit form Chicago soon after, his brother, Simon, told him the story. The “old man” just roared.

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