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Measure Has Already Passed the Upper Houseā€”a Former Park Board Tried to Name the Boulevard Swope Parkway.

The ordinance officially named Gillham road and rescinding the action of the former park board designating it as Swope parkway, will come before the lower house of the council Monday night. Alderman Joseph Weston of the committee on public buildings and grounds signed a favorable report yesterday. Aldermen Joseph Halpin and James Pendergast are expected to join in the recommendation.

The name Gillham road has never been officially adopted, although the road has been so designated informally in the proceedings connected with its improvement. The former park board sent an ordinance to the council naming it Swope parkway, as part of the present Swope parkway connecting with Gillham road at Forty-sixth and Lydia avenue. The upper house refused to pass the ordinance or any measure using the name Swope parkway for the driveway known as Gillham road. The old board then adopted the plan of describing Gillham road by metes and bounds. The ordinance officially adopting the name Gillham road was sent to the council by the present park board and has passed the upper house.