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A Fine Decision to Save Gillham Park, K. C. Times

The park board is to be congratulated for shelving the plan to cut Rockhill road north through Gillham park. Rockhill will be improved from Forty-fifth south to Sixty-third, but the integrity of the park will be preserved.

Perhaps the vigorous protests against turning Rockhill road into some limited form of traffic artery can serve a second, and possibly even more important function. In city after city across the country public objections are mounting against traffic improvements that destroy park land and other beauty spots.

The stir over Rockhill road ought to alert a variety of city departments–especially public works and traffic—to the fact that the people of Kansas City are not prepared to sit by idly as one landmark after another is wiped out. Some changes are mandatory as a city expands and they must be accepted as a price of growth. But a systematic destruction of the park and boulevard system cannot be tolerated.

There are those in this community who believe that Gillham road, as it winds up the hillside to the Nelson Gallery of Art, is one of the most beautiful outdoor settings in Kansas City. Surely it was one of the crowning achievements of George Kessler, the city’s pioneer landscape architect who turned out to be a genius at city planning as well.

The big thing now is that the crown will be removed form eh center of Rockhill road—a needed improvement. To the north, Gillham park will be saved. In the future, the people who drive that route, admiring the beautiful hillside and the stately trees, will be indebted to the park board for its wisdom in blocking a destructive project.