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October 29, 1946

A $32,000 improvement on Robert Gillham road at Thirty-ninth street is designed as immediate relief for a bad traffic bottleneck. . . [Gillham] road divides in a “Y” south of the intersection, one road turning west to two 1-way drives, the other east toward a connection with Harrison boulevard. These drives, just to the north and south of Thirty-ninth, and Thirty-ninth itself, are being widened to forty feet, curbed and repaved. The old width without curbs was thirty-five feet, but the effective width was less. The west drive curving toward the 1-way drives is being curbed and widened to Thirty-eighth street to a maximum of sixty feet, but will not be repaved. Originally a viaduct on Thirty-ninth over Gillham was planned. Because of the cost and objections from the neighborhood an underpass under Thirty-ninth was substituted in the plans. However, the improvement now is progress and the traffic lights are expected to take care of the intersection for several years, precluding the more expensive remedies.