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Wynn’s Stained Glass, May 19, 1980

The stained glass windows installed in a set of windows in the Bill Smith home at 3605 Gillham picture a landscape based upon an original Tiffany landscape window made around the turn-of-the-century. The size of the window as a whole is approximately 7.5 feet all by 9 feet wide, with an arched top. This is an area of 67.5 square feet and is divided into eight windows making up the whole scene. It is done completely in copper foil, a technique Tiffany used himself in all his windows and lamps. Each of the 637 pieces is individually wrapped with a copper foil tape that is 3/16 or an inch wide. The pieces are soldered together and a small bead of solder is raised along the seam of foil in the process. This makes for a delicate looking but extremely strong window that is comprised of pieces of glass actually welded together as one. There are twenty different types of glass from five glass manufacturers. The glass in the tree leaves and trunks, water, foliage, and earth were in part made by Chicago Art Glass. Kokomo glass is featured in the mountains (red), foliage, and earth. Desag glass from West Germany is used in the mountains with the purple haze on the left side, while Merry-Go-Round is used on the right side. Merry-Go-Round, a relatively new glass manufacturer from Fort Smith, Arkansas, is also used as the orange sky. Spectrum Glass, from Washington, is used in the blue sky and in the red-brown earth tones. the iridescent glass used in the tree in the lower right hand corner is called “Queen’s Fire” and was also made by Merry-Go-Round.