Neoclassical Eclectic House (1895-1940)

Reference: A Field Guide to American Houses, Virginia & Lee McAlester, 1984

Neoclassical is a style of the third Ancient Classical tradition. These are normally two-story houses with prominent full-height columns. The columns usually have very elaborate capitals of either Roman or Greek inspiration. The first wave of popularity emphasized hipped roofs and elaborate, correct columns. The facades show symmetrically balanced windows and center door.

711 Manheim Road, built in 1914, is a Neoclassical house designed by architect Owen & Payson. It was built for Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr. and his family. Mr. Crittenden, the son of Missouri governor Thomas T. Crittenden, was elected mayor of Kansas City in 1907 and served until 1910, refusing to run for a second term.

711 Manheim Rd.