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North Hyde Park Historic District The properties included in the North Hyde Park Historic District are located on the 3300 blocks of Harrison and Campbell streets, the 3400 block of Campbell and the residence at 3402 Harrison. The area contains 50 structures dating from 1890 through 1911. The District was placed on the Kansas City Register of Historic Places on June 10, 1983. The Landmarks Commission determined:
  • That the unique and concentrated architectural characteristics present in the residences establishes an identifiable district.

  • That with the local vernacular style of architecture—"Kansas City Shirtwaist", there are also fine examples of Queen Anne and Victorian styles.

  • That a number of the homes are associated with business and professional Kansas Citians prominent in the early 1900´s.

  • That it is a true residential district without any commercial activity.

  • That it is economically viable to maintain the properties

Statement of Significance

The buildings, primarily consisting of single-family residences, were constructed between 1890 and 1911. A significant proportion of them were constructed between 1890 and 1899, and evidence late 19th century residential tastes and characteristics. The residences constructed between 1900 and 1909 exhibit regionally popular styles of architecture as well as a significant number of the local vernacular—"Kansas City Shirtwaist" style. All of the residences were built with attention paid to craftsmanship, and feature such decorative touches as fish-scale shingles, Palladian windows, and oriel windows. Many of the homes were built for or occupied by prominent Kansas Citians, and this area was one of Kansas City´s earliest fashionable residential Districts.

Historic Associations

Highgate, the subdivision in which a majority of the property is located, was platted in 1888.

The 1880´s and 1890´s brought a swell of building activity to this area of the city. The proximity of this area included within this proposed historic district, to Armour Boulevard, and the Hyde Park neighborhood to the southwest undoubtedly contributed to its popularity as a fashionable residential center.

Many of the earliest residents made an impact on the young city´s business and professional character, and included:

  • William Barton, President of the Barton Hat Company; and President of the Commercial Club (3310 Harrison - 1890).

  • Louis Meyer, President of the Meyer Jewelry Company (3347 Harrison - 1900)

  • Dr. William L. Campbell, dentist and member of the family for whom Campbell Street was named (3416 Campbell - 1903)

  • Edward Toler, President of the Toler Grocery Company (3335 Harrison - 1900)

  • Anton Weber, owner of the largest retail meat market in the state (3335 Harrison - 1900)

  • Edward F. Swinney, President of the First national Bank; former President of the American Bankers Association (3334 Harrison - 1890)

  • Francis Haywood, attorney; former Assistant City Attorney (3319 Campbell - 1901)

  • Dr. Frank Askew, physician; former City Councilman; and member of the family for whom Askew Street was named (3440 Campbell - 1899)

Architectural Significance

Two of the properties included within this District are listed in the Kansas City Register. They are: the Edward H. Morgan residence at 3328 Harrison (1896); and the Edward F. Swinney residence at 3334 Harrison (1890).

The district contains a significant concentration of residences by the Cowherd Brothers, a builder-realtor firm which was a leader during the first quarter of the 20th Century.

The Bishop Beed residence at 3402 Harrison, constructed in 1897 (once considered for local Historic Landmarks designation by the Landmarks Commission) is the earliest known extant residential design by architect Albert Turney.

The John D. Seitz residence at 3315 Harrison,constructed in 1889, is the only known extant residential design by Manuel Diaz, who had served as architect to the school board.

The designs of the following prominent architects are also represented in the district:

  • Shepard & Farrar—3440 Campbell (1899); 3400 Campbell (1903-04)
  • John Mckecknie—3326 Campbell (1900)
  • Frederick Hill—3316 Harrison (1897)

The District, while exhibiting a number of historically derived styles as well as local vernacular styles, demonstrates a generally homogeneous character in the size and number of stories.

The residences collectively feature many decorative features (e.g. oriel windows, patterned shingles, Palladian windows, and multiple roof slopes, that express the architect/builder/s preoccupation with detail and craftsmanship.

3300 Campbell Street
3300 Campbell St.
3305 Campbell Street
3305 Campbell St.
3308 Campbell Street
3308 Campbell St.
3312 Campbell Street
3312 Campbell St.
3316 Campbell Street
3316 Campbell St.
3319 Campbell Street
3319 Campbell St.
3323 Campbell Street
3323 Campbell St.
3326 Campbell Street
3326 Campbell St.
3335 Campbell Street
3335 Campbell St.
3416 Campbell Street
3416 Campbell St.
3417 Campbell Street
3417 Campbell St.
3436 Campbell Street
3436 Campell St.
3440 Campbell Street
3440 Campbell St.
3303 Harrison Street
3303 Harrison St.
3310 Harrison Street
3310 Harrison St.
3315 Harrison Street
3315 Harrison St.
3325 Harrison Street

3325 Harrison St.
3328 Harrison Street
3328 Harrison St.
3331 Harrison Street
3331 Harrison St.
3334 Harrison Street
3334 Harrison St.
3335 Harrison Street
3335 Harrison St.

Chronological Distribution of Construction Dates

1890 - 1899: 21
1900 - 1909 28
1910 - 1911 1

Properties Included

3303 Harrison
3310 Harrison
3315 Harrison
3316 Harrison
3321 Harrison
3320-22 Harrison
3324-26 Harrison
3325 Harrison
3328 Harrison
3330 Harrison
3331 Harrison
3334 Harrison
3335 Harrison
3338 Harrison
3339 Harrison
3344 Harrison
3347 Harrison
3402 Harrison
3300 Campbell
3303 Campbell
3306 Campbell
3307 Campbell
3312 Campbell
3315 Campbell
3316 Campbell
3319 Campbell
3322 Campbell
3323 Campbell
3324 Campbell
3325 Campbell
3326 Campbell
3329 Campbell
3331 Campbell
3334 Campbell
3335 Campbell
3341 Campbell
3400 Campbell
3401 Campbell
3403 Campbell
3412 Campbell
3416 Campbell
3417 Campbell
3419 Campbell
3420 Campbell
3423 Campbell
3424 Campbell
3427 Campbell
3428 Campbell
3434 Campbell
3436 Campbell
3440 Campbell
3444 Campbell